Disabled Facilities Grants can transform people’s lives and enable independent living whilst reducing risk, but there can be lengthy delays in the process due to waiting lists. This all-new course was developed to train those already involved in this process to conduct a set of simple assessments to recommend one of a small number of common major adaptations.
  • People working within housing, home improvement agencies (HIAs), local authorities, charities and private organisations wishing to support assessment. Typical learners include surveyors, case managers and experienced Trusted Assessors.
  • It is highly recommended that all learners complete the Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations course before registering for this training course.
  1. To understand the purpose of Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) relating to accessing the home
  2. To be able to complete a robust risk assessment
  3. Know when to prescribe a daily living equipment adaptation
  4. Understand the environmental factors that may impact on the ability to install adaptations
  5. To be able to measure an individual for major adaptations
  6. Know the range of daily living equipment adaptations available
  7. Understand the role of the Trusted Assessor and when to refer clients to occupational therapy services.
  • Delivered over a two-day period, this practically based two-day face-to-face course can be delivered at a venue to suit your learners. This course covers a lot of information which can be a lot to process in a short two-day course. Therefore, our blended training option gives learners the opportunity to absorb the material in short interactive sessions in their own time before putting their learning into practice during a one-day practical session.
  • Please note that this is an accredited course and it requires learners to complete an assignment at the end of the course to demonstrate their learning.

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