Established in 2022, Trusted Assessing and Care Training’s vision is to provide comprehensive programmes for health, social care and housing professionals involved in enabling older and disabled people to live independently. More than a training company, TACT works in partnership with a range of organisations to transform assessment services and pathways.

Trusted Assessor: Supervision by OT Service
For organizations that have embraced the benefits of the Trusted Assessor model but who do not have easy access to OTs, the period following training and accreditation can be tricky to navigate for newly qualified Assessors. Our supervision service provides a hands-on supervision programme carried out by OTs experienced in home adaptations.

Organisations can be confident that the competencies learned in training have been understood and are being actively practised in the cases their Assessors are handling. For the Assessors themselves, they know that an OT is available to them to advise and support as they progress with their new role.

Trusted Assessor: Train the Trainer

For organisations with large numbers of Trusted Assessors and an OT team with capacity to train and support them, a managed Train the Trainer programme may be the right option.

These programmes teach the Trainers and provide them with a managed programme of resources.

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