Partners in Care and Health’s Working with People – Assessment & Social Work Practice Team have scheduled a Community of Practice meeting and would like to invite all who are involved in the commissioning and practice of Trusted Assessors (Assessment) – particularly Principal Social Workers – to join the first session of the Community of Practice for Trusted Assessors (Assessment). Partners in Care and Health is an LGA / ADASS programme designed to support councils in the way they deliver adult social care and public health services and helping Government understand challenges faced by the sector. 

This will be a virtual meeting taking place on Monday 26th February 2024 between 2-4pm whereby social workers, and those involved in the commissioning of trusted assessors to undertake assessments, can benefit from guidance and input from partners and stakeholders, and discuss emergent issues, best practice, etc.  

This will be a valuable session which will hope will frame the shape of future sessions, providing a platform for attendees to shape key thematic conversations as well as think about any future groupings that may be of value. 

TACT’s Clare Barber will be one of the speakers at this first COP meeting. 

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